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Golf tournaments are one of the most popular and effective ways to raise money for charity and makes organizing them easier than you think.



We've developed custom software with years of golf tournament organizing experience at our backs to make this tool fit for both first-time organizers and golf tournament planning professionals. By partnering with with, we've streamlined the event planning process.

Key BirdEase Event Planner Features:

  • Simple Website Creator and Publisher
  • Register and Communicate with Players
  • Accept Donations
  • Track Sponsors and Sponsorships
  • Market Your Event

Our team is always standing by to help you with advice and tips on how to plan the most successful golf event, but starting by creating your tournament website is step one!



The best golf tournaments, even if it's 150 players or just 20 of your friends, are the fun ones. On The Green Tournament Shop has everything you need to make your golf event a memorable experience that players will want to come back to year after year.

In the Tournament Shop

  • Signs and Banners for Everything
  • Real Game Packages with Real Prizes - Putting, Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin
  • Hole in One Contests
  • Apparel, Gifts and other Swag

Golf tournaments have a lot of moving parts. Not sure exactly what you need out of the tournament shop, don't hesitate to contact us and we can walk you through so you get exactly what you need.



Here at we want you to have access to the best tips, practices and new ideas around to make your golf event successful for your players and for you as an organizer. Our experienced professionals come from both the golf and non-profit worlds, giving you all the help you need to get your tournament moving.


GOLF TOURNAMENT CONCIERGE has professional tournament organizers ready to help guide you through projects personally. If you're interested in this kind of hands on help, send us a message and we can talk about your tournament.

Event Planning Software

A complete golf tournament planning experience.

Golf event planning software is designed to help someone new to golf event organizing set up an event easily, or for experienced tournament organizers to streamline their setup process so they can focus on making an unforgettable event.

On The Green Tournament Shop is partnered with BirdEase for our prefferd golf event planning software provider. Event organizers can use their event planner to set up a custom golf event website in minutes - complete with online player and sponsor registration. BirdEase has tools to market and manage your event including a powerful e-mail marketing platform with event-tested templates.

BirdEase's unrivaled customer support team ensures that your custom golf event website works properly so you can focus on planning and promoting a great golf event. They're constantly introducing new features and services to make your golf event extraordinary.

Organizers use On The Green Tournament Shop to source all their event day products including contests, signs, banners, player gifts, awards, sponsor appreciation gifts and much more.

BirdEase Golf Event Planner

BirdEase Event Planner Features

  • Set up your event in minutes including a custom event website
  • Accept player and sponsor registrations online
  • Securely process credit card payments or link your own payment processor to registration
  • Proven tools to marketing your event including graphic e-mail templates
  • Promote sponsor packages online
  • Real-time reporting
  • Set up a test event for free

Golf Event Planning Tips

We're here to making your event planning experience organized and simple. Here we've pieced together a step-by-step approach to get you organized for planning your event.

Event planning begins with a goal in mind.

We like to advise our tournament organizers to start planning their tournament with an ultimate goal in mind. Whether its how many players you want to recruit for your tournament or how much money you want to raise, set a goal and build your tournament experience to achieve that goal. Furthermore, it's easiest to plan your tournament backwards, outlining what needs to be done from the actual day of your event to right now. Planning your event this way will give you weekly goals, monthly goals and day of event execution goals that make tracking your progress easy. Click here to visit our blog post, "Establishing Your Golf Tournament Planning Timeline."

Make an Event Planning Task List

There's simply no better way to make a large project manageable than to break it apart into smaller, individual tasks. In fact, we've already done that for you! We have a complete library of downloadable documents and task lists that encompass the golf event planning experience. Take a spin through the Golf Event Planner Resource Center to find tasks lists, sample pairing templates and much more to help you organize your tournament planning.

Focus on making your event fun for players.

Event planning is about building a memorable experience for your event attendees. In this case, above all things, golf event planning is about creating a fun golf event. I'm sure you're saying to yourself, 'isn't golf fun all by itself'?. The short answer is, of course! However, when you're planning a golf tournament, players are going to expect an experience that might include a souvenir, contests and the spirit of friendly competition. Click here to check out our blog post, "Why Some Golf Events are More Successful Than Others."

Planning Your Golf Event Contests

Closest to the pin, longest drive, hole in one, or cash shootouts, golf contests are a great way to get players excited about your golf event and has everything you need to create and execute a professional contest at your event.

Want to know more about golf tournament contests, take a look here; you'll get excited about all the possibilities.

Make Your Golf Event Look Organized and Professional

Anyone can hit the links for a quick round of golf with friends, when you plan your event you want it to look as good as your effort. Custom hole signs, event banners and any other kind of display work you need for your tournament, we've got it. Learn more about golf event signs and banners here or just visit the On The Green Tournament Shop and get started.

Golf Event Souvenirs

Memories are what makes life and while the cause, and maybe the competition, brings your players out, it will be the memories that bring them back. Discover all the ways you can help your players remember the great time they had at your tournament in the On The Green Tournament Shop.

Securing sponsors is challenging enough, but when it comes time to them to sign up for next year, your event sponsor gifts and arrival gifts will play a large role in ensuring both players and sponsors return year after.

Critical to the success of any golf event, let both your players and your sponsors know they're loved.

Sponsor Gifts Sustain an Impression

All sponsors should receive some form of appreciation. Vary the gift based on the type of sponsorships. Major sponsors should receive a framed print or engraved plaque as a 'thank you' gifts - the sponsor feels appreciated and will be loyal to your event when it is time to sign up for next year.

Review your budget to choose an appropriate sponsor gift. The gift should have the event name, date, location, sponsor level, and company name. A popular sponsor gift in the past few years has been a custom framed work of golf art with personalized plates. A framed picture is always a nice fit for the office wall and something your sponsors will be proud to display after the event. A displayable gift gives your event more exposure. Sponsors will view their gift and think about your event long after event day. In addition, potential new participants who see the item hanging on a wall may inquire about next year's event. Now your gift has recognized the sponsor and proved to be a discussion point for your event to other potential sponsors.

Arrival Gifts Keep Players Coming Back

Golfers will also remember the arrival gifts you give long after your tournament is over. Many participants will choose what golf events they play in based on the gifts they receive. The most important thing is to give golfers practical gifts that they will use and display. Giving gifts helps to promote your event to golfers who did not attend, and serves as an additional reminder for next year. Sponsors will pay for arrival gifts with their logo on them in order to increase their exposure. These savings will add to your profits.

Event Organizer Resources

As the leader in golf tournament planning, On The Green Tournament Shop is pleased to share this invaluable information with you so that you can organize, manage and market the most successful golf event possible!

We provide a wide variety of forms and documents to help you run a successful tournament. Enter your information to access and download these files now for FREE!

Golf Event Contest Guide

Learn How Sponsored Contests, Event Day Activities, Raffles and Auctions Can Help You Raise More Money During Your Golf Event!

As the leader in golf tournament planning, On The Green Tournament Shop is pleased to share this invaluable e-book with you! The key to a successful fundraising golf event is to include the right types of contests and activities that will attract both players and sponsors to ensure the most successful event possible.

Our comprehensive e-book, Golf Event Contests & Fundraising Activities will guide you through the most profitable and effective event day activities and sponsored contests.

Golf Event Best Practices


As the leader in golf tournament planning, On The Green Tournament Shop is pleased to share this invaluable information with you so that you can organize, manage and market the most successful golf event possible! We've gathered all of our best practices and included them in our comprehensive e-book, Best Practices for Great Golf Events.

Our comprehensive e-book, Golf Event Contests & Fundraising Activities will guide you through the most profitable and effective event day activities and sponsored contests.

Contests & Activities

Players and Sponsors Remember Great Golf Events!

Contests and events will make your golf tournament exciting and more enjoyable for your participants. Not to mention, it is a great way to sell additional sponsorships. There are many different contests and events golfers can participate in during the course of play.


This contest is held on a par 3. Prizes range from cash winnings to new automobiles and more. If a contestant makes a hole-in-one they win the prize offered at that hole. Some tournaments will have the prize donated from a local company. If your event cannot have the prize donated, have the hole-in-one contest guaranteed for the value of the prize. You can sell a hole-in-one sponsorship to cover these costs and add to your profit at the same time. The On The Green Tournament Shop offers many different hole-in-one packages to fit your budget.


The shootout is a new concept and a high profile event at golf tournaments everywhere. It works like this: one to four golfers are chosen to go back to the 9th or 18th fairway after golf has been completed. They may be chosen at random, or some events will choose the closest to the pin contest winners. Each of the golfers will have the chance to make a hole-in-one for a much larger prize than offered in the traditional hole-in-one contest. Prize values can be as high as $1,000,000!! This is a great opportunity to gather all the participants outside after golf and before the dinner/awards ceremony. Check out this article to see the full benefits of a Shootout golf contest. This is another opportunity for a sponsor to gain tremendous exposure and for you to make more profit. The On The Green Tournament Shop offers many different shootout packages; all it takes is the click of a button.

Putting Contest

A putting contest can be held before, during or after your golf tournament. The putting contest will serve as an additional fundraiser by charging the golfers for each attempt to qualify for the grand prize. Most putting contests offer a grand prize of $10,000. Putting contest prize packages can be purchased at On The Green Tournament Shop.

Longest Drive

The longest drive event will be the most recognizable contest to your golfers. Choose a hole that is long and fairly straight. The object is to hit the longest and straightest drive during the course of play. In order to win the contest, a golfer's shot must be in the fairway when it comes to rest. A marker is provided by the golf course to mark the distance of the longest drive and identify the winner. You should have a contest for men and women and can have as many as 4 contest holes. 2 for men and 2 for women. Take advantage of the longest drive contest as an opportunity to sell sponsorships. Find these kinds of ready-made contests in The On The Green Tournament Shop.

Closest to the Pin

Also held on a par 3, the closest to the pin contest can be run at the same time as your hole-in-one contest. The object is to be the golfer that hits the ball closest to the hole for the day. A marker will be provided by the golf course for golfers to identify the closest shot to the hole. It is a good idea to have a measuring tape near the green in case two shots are very close. There are typically 4 par 3s on a golf course. You can have 2 contests for men and 2 contests for women. Remember, the closest to the pin contest is also a great opportunity to sell a sponsorship and add to your profit. Visit the On The Green Tournament Shop to find the right package for your tournament.

Straightest Drive

This contest is held on a hole that is long and fairly straight. Draw a chalk line down the center of the fairway. The object is to be the golfer that hits the ball closest to the line.  A marker will be provided by the golf course to identify the winner. This is another chance to sell a sponsorship and add to your profit.


The BirdEase Golf Event Planner and On The Green Tournament Shop will help you create a memorable event...

  • We offer more than 11 hole in one prize packages that include travel, sporting events, cars and much more. These are great sponsorship opportunities and include full-color customized signs. Our packages are designed to give players a chance to win on every par 3 hole during your event.
  • Who can forget taking a putt for $5,000 or a shot for $1 million? We have these and many other contests to add excitement to your event. All contests include full-color customized signs.
  • Shop the On The Green Tournament Shop for the latest in player and sponsor gifts to show appreciation for their support - a gesture that will bring them back year after year..
  • Set up your pairing lists with hole assignments right on-line with the ability to print an alphabetical list for easy check-in on event day.
  • Send your golf course contact everything they need to be ready on event day, including a list of activities, signage and pairings list.
See Complete List of Features and Costs

Signs & Banners

It may sound silly, but signs and banners are a critical element to any successful golf event. Whether you're pleasing your sponsor or exciting your players, signs for all the different elements of your event bring that professional look and feel to your tournament. But just how many, and for what parts of your tournament, do you need signs or b
anners? It all depends, but each element of your event probably needs some signage. No matter how many signs, different sizes or types you need, On The Green Tournament Shop has you covered. In the On The Green Tournament Shop you'll find every kind of customized sign or banner you may need.

Before you place an order, consider all the different signs and banners you may need. Here's a list of possibilities for you to consider:

Welcome Banner
You'll need a welcome banner at both the entrance to the golf course and where your players will gather before teeing off to introduce them to the event itself and the event's major sponsors. Your sponsors will want to see their logos displayed prominently. In fact, they will usually want to be assured of this before committing to supporting the event itself. Furthermore, you can then move your banners inside for your awards ceremony. To see a complete selection of banner, go to the On The Green Tournament Shop. Click here to visit the Tournament Shop.

Sponsorship Sign Sample

Pre-Event Activity Signs
You should have signs for all your pre-event activities (raffle, auction, mulligans, putting contest) and all your on-course activities (long drive, closest to the pin, hole in one prize packages).

Hole-Sponsor Signs
Tournament signs or hole-sponsor signs are displayed in tee boxes on various holes throughout the course and provide recognition for your all-important sponsors. Signs should be customized with the event information and the sponsor's name.

Directional Signs
Also consider directional signs so players can easily find their way around your event.

 Click here to visit the shop for a complete selection of full color, digitized signs.


Golf event fundraising is a challenge. However, there are over 800,000 golf events held in the U.S. every year and they raise, on average, anywhere from $5,000 to $300,000. Golf events are an incredible way to raise awareness and money for your cause, but what really separates a successful golf event from a mediocre one... fundraising. (Get our comprehensive free e-book, Golf Event Contests & Fundraising Activities to help guide you through the most profitable and effective event day activities and sponsored contests.

Golf Event Fundraising Tips

The Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA) has studied the largest events in the U.S.and discovered a number of common elements for creating a golf event that successfully raises funds. Furthermore, On The Green Tournament Shop has taken a look at our most successful partners and combine those elements with the suggestions from the GTAA and put together these tips to help you plan and execute a golf event that is best designed to raise money for your cause.

Fundraising Starts with Your Fundraising Committee

As much as we'd like to think we're superheroes, no one can do it all by themselves. A well-connected event committee must be assembled to help you secure larger donations and build relationships that garner sponsors from the business community. Focus on prominent business people in your local area, the movers and shakers of the community to make connections between your event, their friends and their businesses. Assign each member a task of responsibility. Together you will be able to divvy up the work and each committee member can focus on single, marquee tasks like sponsorships, player recruitment, auction items, operations and public relations to name a few.

Combine Your Event with an Auction

You can create a live, silent or even online auction to transpire alongside your golf event. Auctions are fun, usually give your sponsor more opportunities to expose their business and increase your fundraising ability significantly.

Great Golf Courses

There's no better way to bring prestige and interest to your golf event than finding a local country club and giving your players the opportunity to pay to play a course they wouldn't normally be able to. Make that club a partner in your event, share the revenue and see the bottom line of your fundraising operation grow significantly.


Big-Sponsors make Great Strategic Partners

Local businesses and even medium to larger companies are always looking for good causes to get behind to get some good press and exposure. Don't be shy, the worst thing that can happen when you search for major sponsors is to hear a 'no'. Ask everyone and you may be surprised just how many businesses are willing to help you, donate, sponsor or even offer items for auction.

Be Diligent and Unafraid

There are a lot of ways to improve the fundraising capacity of your golf event, but the most important thing is to stay committed to your cause and unafraid in the face of adversity. Check back with us for more fundraising tips from time to time, we're always researching and finding new ways to help you improve your golf event.

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