The first question that you will have to answer when planning for your golf event is what kind of format you want your tournament to be. There are multiple formats you can choose from for your event. Below are some popular golf tournament formats that might work for your game.
One of the most important golf event planning tips for your tournament is finding the right golf course. There are some things to keep in mind when looking for a course to host your event. Look for a place with a helpful staff, reasonable fees for your budget, and a fair tournament contract agreement. Just as a heads up, a great golf course should include the following services for your tournament:
There are a lot of reasons why some golf events are more successful than others, but the most important reason is this: Successful golf events keep players AND sponsors coming back year after year. So, how do you do you achieve this player/sponsor retention? First of all, it’s extremely important to give your players a great tournament day experience. Some of the most important details are
If you’re new to fundraising or new to the sport of golf, this may be the first time you’ve thought about planning your own golf tournament. The first question you might be asking yourself is the most simple and often overlooked: Why have a golf tournament in the first place?
Planning a golf tournament awards ceremony and dinner is all about celebrating. It’s time to reflect on the great day on the course and give recognition and rewards to to everyone who participated in the day. Make it a fun and exciting night that leaves everyone with a smile on their face! Here are some event planning tips to help things run smoothly.
In order to host a successful golf event, you need to have golf tournament volunteers you can count on to keep things organized and perform under pressure when you are not available. As the tournament organizer, it will be your job to recruit volunteers. There are potential volunteers everywhere, although your own organization is still the best place to start recruiting.
Finding prizes and awards for your golf event is an important part of planning, and as the Event Organizer, it will be your job to manage the collection and distribution of these items. Prizes should be awarded to anyone who wins a contest or raffle, and depending on your budget, you should also give them to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the tournament.
A regular or silent auction is one of the best ways to generate additional revenue for you golf tournament fundraising efforts. In addition to keeping your golfers active and entertained while the wind down after their round, it is an opportunity to get friends, family and those people who may not have had the chance to play to get involved with your event.
The continuing success of your tournament will depend on what you do after this event, and applying what you learned to make your next event even better. Tying up loose ends the week after your tournament will save you a lot of hassle for next year. Realistically, planning next years golf event starts the day after this year’s tournament ends!
Golf Tournaments require a lot of planning, and it is important to stay organized in the process. A good way to do this is to stick to a golf tournament planning timeline. Ideally, 9-12 months are required to plan your event. However, many first year events get started with as little as 3 months lead time.